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The YSPN.NET Difference
Unlike other online youth sports team management tools that focus on the individual teams, YSPN.NET was designed around the athletic association. Understanding that virtually all youth sports teams are organized as a subset of the athletic association, it only made sense to build an application that ties all the teams, their coaches, and members together.
The driving force behind YSPN.NET is the understanding that all youth sports players are members of a family. Thus, the main registration takes place at the family level. Once the family registration has been established, it is then possible to register as many children under that family as need be. By doing this, it is possible to view the team information for all children in a family using a single login.
All families (and subsequently players) are mainly identified by their home phone number. This makes it easy for a coach to identify and access a player and then easily add them to their team. Once a player is added to a team, the ability for a player’s family and coach to communicate regarding practice schedules, game schedules, other events, emails, additions and removals from rosters, and miscellaneous email notifications is possible.
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For Coaches register now
Roster Information
  • Access multiple teams
  • Player’s name
  • Player’s age
  • Player’s picture (optional)
  • Home phone number
  • Mother and Father’s names
  • Parents main email address
  • Ability to remove player from roster
  • Team coaching roster
Scheduling Information
  • Assign event type (i.e. practice, game, cookout, awards ceremony (etc.)
  • Assign event date
  • Assign event time
  • Assign event location
  • Add additional comments
  • View all events chronologically
  • Filter out expired events
  • Remove events
  • Email schedule to parents

Message Board
  • Submit messages to be viewed online by parents
  • View messages submitted by parents
  • Receive messages from association administrators that can be easily passed on to team members

Communication with Parents
  • Select individual families to receive email
  • Enter message
  • Automatically assigned subject from the coach
  • Sends to all registered email addresses (home, work, etc.) as CC
  • System keeps a log of all email messages

And More...

For Families register now
  • Access team information for all children from one log in
  • View multiple teams for each child
  • View information for all team members on each child’s roster
    • Player Name
    • Player age
    • Player picture (if provided)
    • Mother and Father’s names
    • Main phone number
    • Main email address
  • View all scheduled events
    • Event type
    • Event date
    • Event time
    • Location
    • Additional comments
  • Print schedule
  • Message Board
  • Communicate with other parents and coach
    • Ability to select individual families to receive message
    • Include coach if desired
    • Auto-populate subject identifying sender
    • System keeps a log of all email messages

And More...

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