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What people are saying about YSPN.NET
YSPN.net has quickly become a part of the daily fabric of the youth activities offered through the Jefferson Recreation Department. Scheduling 250+ teams with 2,500 kids on an annual basis is infinitely more simple when communication can be directed to one location for each of those teams and their coaches.

YSPN has proven to be quick, efficient and effective in bringing coaches, parents and players together to insure a positive experience through youth sports.
Colton G.  - Association Administrator

I am the team mom and this is the best form of communication ever! Just one central location to reach every parent and child on the team! It is wonderful!
Mini M.  - Team Mom

YSPN.NET is a great way to communicate between the players and coaches. It lets us know if there are any cancelations or changes in the schedules. It is an easy way to communicate to the coach if my player is unable to make a practice or game.
P. Family  - Family

This site has made my organization of messages easier for sending and reviewing. This site has proved to be a valuable information tool with saving time and hassle. My players and players' parents are notified very quickly with any rearrangement of scheduling and other necessary information that is needed to be known.
Gary H.  - Coach

YSPN.net has been a great communication tool for me to use in communicating with parents of my team members. The tools on YSPN are very useful in organizing practices, communicating game schedules, and e-mailing team members. Thanks YSPN for making my coaching easier.
Kelly A.  - Coach

I just wanted to let you know what a great service YSPN is to our team. The coach can communicate with the whole team, and all he has to do it send one e-mail. Our kids play sports all year long, and we use this service each season. It is a great tool to keep everyone on the team up to date with the latest news, from practice schedules to rain outs.
Jody P.  - Family

We have had the benefit of using YSPN.Net the last 2 years for soccer at Jefferson Parks and Rec. It has been a useful tool on many levels. My family is able to keep up with multiple schedules at one time, we have two children playing soccer, which has helped us as a family be better informed. Our coaches have used YSPN as a way of updating us on cancellations, reschedules, posting notes about practice and any other information that we need.

As a working mom I love the ability to communicate with the other parents of the other players on my children's teams from both work and from home. I am also able to access dates from work which is a real plus. I have found this to be a tool that would be hard to live without!
Jackie E.  - Family

With three kids playing recreational sports (and not always in the same league), YSPN.net helps us stay organized! We appreciate going to one site and being able to check schedules and messages for each child.
Carla C.  - Family

yspn has been the perfect way for us to keep up with our kids' schedules and teammates. So easy and quick.
Kevin C.  - Family

As a volunteer for my son's baseball team, YSPN.NET provides a really good tool of communicating quickly with all players on a team. It also allows a good message board to answer questions that come up the team may have.
Brian W.  - Coach

We LOVE this web site! We hope it continues on AS IT IS. Being a working Mom my life is so much easier with this notification of changes in my daughters soccer schedule. Thank you to all who support this site.
Sherri R.  - Family

YPSN.net has been an important part of my coaching career. When situations arise as a practice or game change it is so much easier and less time consuming to log on and type my message and with one push of a button, the message is sent to all my players. It's very difficult to have to call 11 to 12 families, especially when most have a home phone and cell. Thank you sponsors of YSPN, I'm sure I speak for a lot of coaches when I say, "YSPN is the way to go when communicating with your team".
Jason Y.  - Coach

YSPN.net keeps me current with the sporting schedule for my son. Without YSPN, we would potentially miss games, miss important practices, etc. YSPN also allows for other family members to view the schedule and be alerted.
Luke S.  - Family

Using YSPN.NET is the easiest way to keep up to the minute information about my children’s scheduled events. In the past, it was hit and miss on whether I was getting the correct info, now there is absolutely no doubt. In addition to receiving group e-mails from the coach, I also can go on to the website daily and check out my child’s home page.
Elizabeth H.  - Family

I feel like this website is a valuable tool for information. It keeps you up to date on information pertaining to the Jeferson City Parks & Rec. I'm able to obtain information about each individual team. We appreciate the local support given by the local area bussinesses, that participate on this website. With your support we are able to obtain information in a timely manner. We appreciate the fact that our coaches use this website to communicate with the parents of the L.A. Dodgers. Our coaches Steve Smith & Dana Garrison promote this website as well as do a wonderful job coaching our team.
Ron H. and Angie O.  - Family

YSPN really serves a need among the recreational sports teams with which I've been involved. My husband coaches two soccer teams during spring and fall. Without YSPN, he would spend a great deal of time on the phone trying to communicate schedule changes or directions. With YSPN, he can also send practice drills and links to educational resources about the specific sports.

From my point of view, YSPN delivers an easy way that the parents can plan end of season celebrations and game plans - what to bring and responsibilities. Most recently, we found out that one of the soccer families has a daughter just diagnosed with brain cancer. We are utilizing YSPN to help coordinate and deliver food to this family during this critical time of concern. YSPN is a fantastic resource; we log onto to it almost daily during each sports cycle.
Mary M.  - Coach

Your web site has greatly enhanced our program with immediate contact to coaches, parents and players. When we need information sent out quickly, YSPN.NET is the fastest and easiest way to reach all those involved in our programs.

Not only do our youth sports teams participate in YSPN.NET, we offer this web site to our track teams as well as our adult teams.

Team moms love the web site; they can set up a snack schedule and send out reminders to all parents to bring snacks to the game tonight.

When we have a storm that comes in late in the afternoon and we have to cancel games for the night, YPSN.NET is the way to go to reach all the coaches and parents fast, quick and easy.

You can use this web site from any computer; office, home, work, library, etc to update or add information as it comes up. YSPN.NET has been a great addition in helping Jackson County Parks & Recreation promote and provide recreation information to our community.
Cathy R.  - Association Administrator

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